NameUpdates 2006 Date10-07-06 Time11:00:50
These are not properly news, because I made this stuff some months ago.
Btw this is the new stuff of my H.P.
- A big fairy made on my Eifu base
- A sorceress made on my Lili base
- A Juno for Aoisland's contest
- A big fairy pixel illustration (links to deviantart, it seems that content is a bit mature, because of nudity , you'll not be able to see if not deviantart member thanks to someone which gets shocked watching hips or nipples even if in artistic contexts)
- The avatar I used this christmas for msn, you can adopt if you want.
- Valentine's day gift, isometric pixel art, you can adopt if you want
- Sexy gift for my Boyfriend, content is a bit mature but I think that people will survive anyway. I hate puritanical comments, so don't ask to hide/dress up or whatever, a piece of ass doesn't have the power to lobotomize people which watches it , enjoy my demonstration of love.

NameNew FAQ and else... Date22-06-06 Time01:42:19
I added a FAQ about my bases used at Gaiaonline's forum to make avatars or something like that.
Something else..So what's happening so far?
I still don't have time to update the website and no time to make new dolls/bases, but I'm planning to make some in these days.
I add the new stuff just on my deviant page: http://angychan.deviantart.com I hope to to update the website soon.

NameFixed pixel art section Date17-10-05 Time23:34:03
I noticed that my pixel art section had some problems this week.
The reason is that after an update I deleted for error an include from the code ...
I realized it just today sorry!
But now the menu is back and dollz, bases & other stuff are back again

NamePop Bases Date15-09-05 Time01:26:14
Pop Bases are online!!
16 positions.

NameBack Date12-09-05 Time14:13:30
Back from a long pause.
I made 2 new dollz and some new bases, I'm also trying new styles giving a little pause on the doll-making to realize illustrations and various experiments with pixel art

NameNEW SISTER Date15-04-05 Time13:46:56
Hey hey! I've got a new sister!
She's Jaeden of Autumn Pixels
We meet often on MSN
She's one of the best dollers I know and an adorable person and first of all She's a Darren Hayes fan too GHGHGH, oh yes girl, you're really my sister

NameTutorials Date21-03-05 Time14:58:44
I re-opened the tutorial section, made 3 dollz inspired by "Badger badger badger badger badger badger mushroom mushroom"

NameNew dollz and adoptions Date11-03-05 Time14:24:43
Added more adoptions to the section, check 'em out
I made a little gift on my Peko Peko base for my sister Cryssy and I made a doll on my minami base which is a restyling of a really old doll I made some years ago, it's also an entrie for Pinkland's umbrella contest

NamePeko peko Date08-03-05 Time21:00:54
I made a new little base, it' has so many positions (90) an 10 heads which you can use enjoy them!

On this base I made a lot of new dollz: A little fairy, a silly Tarzan and 4 entries for Autumn Pixel's contest.

NameNew stuff Date21-01-05 Time15:30:07
There was some stuff I forgot to update:
- My avatar for Eden Enchanted forum (not for adoption
- The Comet Bat (not for adoption)
- The Lapponian Worm
- And the Lapponian Worm Saint seiya version.

I also made a new doll with Daeva's Base
It's Saint Seiya wearing Odin's suit

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